2012 (Pioneers) Alumni

Nicky Swart


I chose Arrows because it’s local, short (so I can get to work sooner), and because it was the right season for me! I have been challenged to do things I would not normally do, so I gained a lot of confidence. I have had many divine appointments and met people whom I believe the Lord will use the relationships with to extend His Kingdom.


Highlights: Devotion every morning. Every course had its own highlights and learning opportunities. Last, but not least – the people I met!


Interesting fact about myself: I’m pretty boring, actually, not that you will guess from my bohemian dress-sense.

Alexia Lee


Researcher: I came to Arrows to seek God for directions at a crossroads in my life, and to be equipped and trained in the things of God. I have been very blessed by the impartation through the Word and ministry, and being able to be part of the wonderful God-loving student community here.


Highlights: Drawing near to God in times of worship. Sharing life with fellow students in the missions house and arrows college. Being encouraged by the sharing of various lecturers who came to stay with us.


Interesting fact about myself: I like eating oyster omelettes, but only the omelettes (not the oyster).

Dave Wong


Consultant: I chose to come to Arrows as a preparation for the possibility of full-time ministry. My time here has definitely been eye-opening. There have been many examples of Godly men and women who have brought a new dimension of following Christ, but the underlying foundation of all has been an intimate relationship with God.


Highlights: Sitting under the anointing of some great lecturers. Having and seeing the passion and conviction they hold. Building friendships over food! (and games)


Interesting fact about myself: I love fishing near my house.

Graciela Macaraeg


Church Worker: I chose to come to Arrows to know my calling and destiny. I do believe the mission and vision of Arrows has been fulfilled especially in my life. I experienced the presence of God and He also transformed me through His Word. Every module really trained me not just intellectually but also spiritually. It is a life changing experience.


Highlights: Encountering God and experiencing His tangible presence. Spending time with fellow students in the missions house and at Arrows College.


Interesting fact about myself: I am extremely blessed, highly favoured, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jonathan Quay


Student: I chose to come to arrows to be equipped for ministry and to get more insight from professionals in established ministry. What I’ve left with is so much more, I ended up not only finding God but also discerning His will for my life. Arrows has played an immense part in God’s development for my life and I am so grateful for everything that God has blessed me with through this college.


Highlights: The friends and relationships have spoken greatly into my life and the teachings have inspired and equipped me to give my life in service to God. That and beating Dave at ping pong.


Interesting fact about myself: I learnt how to play ping pong at Arrows.

Joyce Bay


Entrepreneur: I chose to come to Arrows to understand God’s calling and moving in the supernatural. What I learnt here blew me away. I got more than what I came here for many times over and got more than just concepts. I got ministered to and it changed my thinking inside out. The topics covered were just amazing and practical.


Highlights: Worship every morning is just amazing. God’s presence is so strong. The fellowship in the missions house is fantastic. The blessings we received from the locals / students were overwhelming.


Interesting fact about myself: Nothing out of the extraordinary.

2013 Alumni

Justin Tan


Church Worker: Justin Tan, left his job with no idea where he was going next, or what he was to do. He came to Arrows College not knowing what to expect initially, but has been deeply encouraged and affirmed on his calling in life.


During the course, Justin received a prophetic word by Pastor Amos Jeyaratnam about mission work and equipping others, which he felt was “exactly what God was telling me”. His main desire is to “build people up”, and is open to whatever lies ahead, whether going to bible school or building ministry skills. Justin is preparing himself for the future, so that: “the day when He gives me a bigger assignment, I am ready”.

Serena Choo


Lawyer: Before coming to Arrows College in September 2013, Serena had tried for years to identify her calling, but without success. During the Arrows module on “Calling and Destiny”, Pastor Benny Ho taught the class about hearing from God. When he shared about listening to God through the needs of others and through one’s own pain, it dawned on Serena that these were the keys to discovering her calling.


It became clear to Serena that she was to be an agent of change and empower others to be secure in their identity in Jesus. God was calling her to take the very things that had harmed her and damaged her self-worth and reverse them in others.

Nicholette Chew


Teacher: Prior to Arrows, she was at a crossroad with a lot of stress and being overwhelm with her career. Within the first week at the college, the topic of “Calling & Destiny” together with “Prophetic Foundation”, her uncertainty became clear. Doubt were replaced by peace and rest assurance from God about His plans for her. Her walk with God took a change and have been truly blessed during the 10 weeks at Arrows.

2014 Alumni

Joseph Seah


Senior Pastor: I have been serving in China for the past 12 years as a tentmaker. I felt that this trip to Perth/ Arrows College would be good for me to take a sabbatical and a 2nd honeymoon with my wife. This is indeed a different approach of a sabbatical; not only do I get to experience a deeper walk with God, but also time with my wife.


I have made a right choice to enrol. I was able to set aside 10 weeks to study, take inventories of myself, renew my spirit and renounce the sins and pains in my life. This period of repentance has allowed God to heal me totally.

Melissa Leong


Teacher: I came to Arrows College with the desire to immerse myself in the Lord’s presence and to be away from the hustles and bustles of Singapore. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to enrol with an open attitude. In this short span of 10 weeks, I have gained more than what I wanted. During this time, I encountered the Lord in real and tangible ways and I am encouraged to bring these encounters to share with my community back home.


I find the equipping modules applicable for all areas of ministry work; whether you’re serving as a leader in church or just a servant in the marketplace. The take-away is more than the lesson content itself; the biggest lessons are those evolved from the daily fellowship with the lecturers and students. The most rewarding experience for me is being able to witness the glory of God in everyone’s lives. Whether you are a young believer or a mature Christian, there is a place for your story to be shared and embraced. The stories and journeys of my classmates have helped to build me up. Surely there are no strangers here in Arrows, just friends you have not met.

Dr Daniel Mo


Psychiatrist: I enrolled for Arrows not really knowing what to expect except a general longing to be better equipped for ministry. I have learnt so much throughout the course in the areas of deepening my walk with God, digging deeper into His word and learning to do ministry with the right heart and mind. A particular aspect of my life that was changed was encountering and learning about the spiritual aspect of Christian living. It has really stirred in me a hunger to want to chase more of the Holy Spirit and to see miracles here on earth, as the course rightly put it, to see “Heaven invade Earth.” Thank you Arrows!

Angela Wong


Church Secretary: Being an Arrows College student is a great blessing for me. I have the luxury to learn from all the anointed lecturers. I was challenged to allow God to be my dance partner, let Him take the lead to dance with me and be intimate with Him. God is still speaking to me and sharpening the rough edges in me so that I can continue to shine for Him.

Francis Cheah


Community Centre Manager: Running a community centre alone is not easy. I realised too that I lacked of knowledge and skills to run the ministry therefore enrolling in Arrows was the best option for me to seek the Lord in these areas. In the first week, Ps Benny Ho did a class on “Calling and Destiny” that confirmed the direction of my calling. The classes on healing and deliverance by Dr Margaret Seaward and Rev Derek Hong revealed to me of the Abba Father’s love for me; and His love for me is indeed beyond my comprehension. I also picked up useful skills such as the “2R2B” method by Ps Chris Hayward in his class on “Breaking Bondages” that can be applied to my ministry straightaway. I have learnt from Rev Edmund Chan on how to prioritize and say “No” gracefully.


The flow and structure of the classes were well thought and well planned. I am grateful to be able to bless others and be blessed in return.